• To provide an integrated end-to-end practical experience to our clients, from training through to testing. We currently focus on providing a practical, fully integrated learning center with a particular emphasis on Cisco’s elite CCIE program. Through our courses the candidates will learn everything which can help them succeed in the CCIE examination and we will give them knowledge and tools that will make them the best experts in the IT area.
  • To provide innovative services and solutions as well as focus on the needs of our customers. To consistently provide the best quality of service to our customers and ensure their satisfaction.
  • To offer our clients the most appreciated training in information and communication technologies.


I.Personal data

As part of the use of your data, we may collect personal data concerning you.In particular through this form.We commit ourselvesto inform you of the purposes of the processing, of the mandatory or optional answers to be provided, possible consequences, to your regarding,a lack of response, the recipients of the data, the existence and methods of exercising their rights of access, rectification and opposition to processing of your data.When necessary, we undertake, depending on the case, to collect your consent and / or to allow you to object to the use of your data for certain purposes.

2. Responsibility for errors

It is your responsibility to check that the information provided in the forms is correct and to correct any errors. The validity of the offers we make is subject to the accuracy of the answers you provide.

3. Purposes of processing

Your various data are collected to ensure youreffective participation in our program. We will also be likely to use this data for purposes legal and / or regulatory.In any case, we are committed to processing all data collected in accordance with Law No. 2013–450 relating to the protectionof personal data and simplified standards and unique authorizations enacted by ARTCI.

4. Data recipients

Only our services, within the limits of their respective attributions, can have access to your personal data, namely: Our Marketing Department Our Sales Department

5. Right to rectify data

Under this right, the legislation empowers you to request rectification, updating, locking or even erasing data concerning you that may prove to be inaccurate, erroneous, incomplete or obsolete.Also, you can define general and specific directives relating to the releases personal data after your death. If applicable, the heirs of a deceased person may take into consideration the death of their close and / or make the necessary updates.

6. Right of opposition

The exercise of this right is only possible in one of the following two situations:When the exercise of this right is based on legitimate reasons; orWhen the exercise of this right aims to prevent the data collected from being used for commercial prospecting purposes.

7. Response time

IPT CI undertakes to respond to your request for access, rectification or oppositionor any other additional request for information within a reasonable timeframe whichnot exceed 1 month from the date of receipt of your request